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Singapore Air Compressor Parts & ServicesTE LTD

Established since year 2017

JUZ AIR SERVICES PTE LTD, Singapore air compressor services. We are started as a team of matured and experienced entrepreneurs in 2017. Our mission is providing our customers with complete Compressed Dry Air (CDA) solutions regardless of location, environment, and current condition.

We help customers optimize the greatest value from their CDA systems. The objective is to reduce unplanned downtime, operate the system within specification and improve financial savings.

Professional Service
at Reasonable Price

Our core believes are providing superior, professional and holistic services, at a reasonable price point. This is our differentiator in a highly competitive market. The team is committed to provide high quality service support to satisfy different level of customer needs, wants and demands without compromising safety.

Focused in Compressed Dry Air (CDA) Systems

Our area of expertise is focused on all types of Compressed Dry Air (CDA) systems. We provide one stop solutions including maintenance, installation, repairs, overhauls, consultancy services on energy savings and optimization of CDA layouts.

Certified and Qualified

Why Choose Us

Experienced and Certified Air Compressor Services Provider in Singapore

Our staff spent numerous years with Top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and hence are well equip with skills, knowledge and competencies to handle various range of CDA systems both locally and abroad. All our staff went through mandatory factory certified trainings and are qualify to maintain a multitude of compressor brands.

The team believe that Compressed Air maintenance does not need to be an expensive and complicated affair. We firmly believe that CDA owners should be freed up to focus their time and energy in their real businesses. Juz Air can precisely help in this aspect.

We are always ready to support air compressor requirements for business and company in Singapore and Malaysia.

We are Certified

Our team are trained and certified by authorized body and organisations in Singpoare.

Authorized Dealer & Service Partner

We are authorized and certified air compressor dealer & service provider of Ingersoll Rand in Singapore. Our service coverage area include Singapore & Malaysia.